Furniture for the Commercial Office, Home Office, Classroom

Setting up a new office or reconfiguring your existing space? We carry everything you need to redesign or renovate your office. Cubicle solutions, open concept planning, workstations for teams, and traditional office furniture including executive desks and bookcases.

What to look for in a new Office Chair

Finding the right chair for your body is important for your long-term health and everyday productivity.

Reclinging chairs reduce pressure on your spine and posterior, provide freedom of movement, and give your whole body a break.

Back Support
Your lower back should fit comfortably against the chair’s lumbar support. Your whole back should move easily, improving circulation and allowing oxygen to flow.

Seat Depth
If your seat depth is too long, your body will incline forward and lose the benefit of lumbar support. Too shallow and your thighs will not be supported.

Adjustable Arms
Your arms should rest comfortably on the armrests and be parallel to the floor to prevent hunched shoulders. Armrests that pivot or slide inward help different body sizes achieve the same comfort.

Chair Height
Your feet should be flat on the flor and thighs parallel to the ground. The height and angle of the seat help you find the perfect position.

Reconfiguring your Work Space?

Our Dealers are design specialists. Whether your are furnishing a small office, home office, or even a classroom or training centre, let us help you find all the right components for your needs.

Workstations and Standing Desks

The hottest trend in ergonomics today! Height adjustable desks adn workstations help keep you moving, improving circulation and mobility. These desks and be configurated into traditional workstations and office suites or grouped into an open office plan. Consider adding even one height-adjustable workstation for your employees to utilitize when their bodies need a break from sitting.

Reception and Boardroom Furniture

It’s important to always make a good first impression. Let our design teams help you choose the right reception, boardroom and conference furniture to enhance your office decor while serving your functional needs.

Classroom and Education Furniture

Educational spaces have changed dramatically in recent years. Rows of one-size-fits-all student desks have been replaced or complimented with collaboration desks, modular desks, open plan modular seating. Contact one of our Dealers for a free consultation.

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