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Lowerys BASICS began its existence in 1905, after the founder, Sam Lowery, decided to purchase from its original owner, a business which was then known as “The Bazaar”. Sam changed the name to “Lowerys”. In doing so, he started a family owned business which has continued up to this day and is now in its 4th generation and continues to be a family business.

100% Locally Owned And Operated
Lowerys BASICS Thunder Bay is 100% locally owned and operated. Not only is Lowerys BASICS Thunder Bay locally operated but we also take care to ensure we get involved in the community. We have a responsibility as a successful business to be involved in making this city better, and we try to do so whenever possible with charitable donations, volunteer work, and participation in local events: we love getting involved in the community.

Contact Information

Lowery’s Basics
540 Central Avenue
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 6B4
(807) 344-6666


National Office Address

1040 Fountain St. N.
Cambridge, ON, N3E 1A3

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