A family-run business with community ties

On January 1, 1952, Gérald Boyer acquired the Librairie L.N. Leduc from Nicholson Street. At that time, Mr. Leduc had only three employees and sold books, religious and school supplies. It was a very small store, only about 10% of its current size.

Over the years, several additions and renovations have been made. The store has been expanding; to part of the second floor, to the units on left, to the units on the right, to the basement and finally to the third floor, too.

In 1977, Gérald Boyer’s daughter Marie took over from her father after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in administration from HEC. She took over the management of the store with her husband Michel Grefford. For several years, the couple’s 3 children, Julie, Marie-Eve and Jean-Michel, have also worked for the company.

Over time, other branches were added to the Campivallensian headquarters. Today, the company has 4 branches, one in Beauharnois, Vaudreuil, Châteauguay including that of Valleyfield. In all, 39 employees work at the head office and 31 more in the other stores for a grand total of 70.

Boyer Bookstores’ involvement in the community is important and the focus is both on buying products and services locally and on the quality of products and service, while offering competitive prices.

We appreciate your support and hope to count on you for a long time to come.

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10 Nicholson
Valleyfield , QC
J6T 4M2
(450) 373-6211
(514) 856-7778


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1040, rue Fountain Nord
Cambridge (Ontario)
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