We Want Your Boss to Love You

Office Products, Furniture and Managed Print Services in Southwestern Ontario

We’re family-owned. We buy North American. We’re ISO 14001 registered. But, most of all, we’re a whole team dedicated to making you look good.

You’ll save money.
We guarantee you’ll save 10% on your first order with us. Actually, though, you’ll probably save much more. We take the list of items you typically order from your current office supply company and hand pick options from the thousands of items in our online store to find you great quality for the same or lower price. Then anything new you want to order, we source the best quality and price. 10% off is just the start.

You’ll always have someone to count on.
Sure, we offer free next-day delivery. But doesn’t everyone? What makes us different is we always go the extra mile for our business accounts, whether that’s hand delivering toner when the big report is due, answering emails about an important order at midnight or sending over a sample to make decisions easier. We offer helpful advice, smart product support and hassle-free returns. It’s the same can-do, need-it-now, make-it-happen attitude that you have.

You’ll look like the hero.
Whenever your boss comes to you with a new ask or initiative, all you have to do is tell us. Need a design and furniture for a company expansion? Concerned about online security? Want to start a corporate sustainability program? We’re on it. 

You’ll save time.
Time is the most precious thing you have. We help you find more time in the day with automated ordering, periodic account reviews and ongoing suggestions for products and services. If online searches and constant ordering feels like a time suck, let us do it for you.


We make switching suppliers easy.

Change can be painful—except when you’re working with us. We’ll put together your online account, your favourites lists and your first order so you get all the right items without any of the work.

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