Remote Work is quickly becoming the new norm. That means your home office needs to be just as productive as the corporate office. With the right tools, you can create a comfortable, healthy and productive workspace…with a shorter commute.


1. Configure for Comfort

Your monitor position matters. Help prevent neck and eye strain by selecting a monitor or laptop support to maintain a monitor height that fits your personal comfort or choose a monitor arm for more flexibility in screen positioning.

• Set the top of the monitor frame at eyebrow level
• The monitor should be about an arm’s length away, or approximately 20″ to 35″ away
• Laptops should not be used for prolonged computer entry unless used with external input devices to prevent strain and slouching.

2. Hands-On Productivity

When you are more comfortable, you are more productive, especially when it comes to typing and mousing. Select an adjustable keyboard tray that accurately positions your keyboard for maximum comfort. Choose a mouse pad with wrist support to cushion your palm and hand as you mouse to prevent wrist strain.

• Position the keyboard and mouse closer and lower to your body. The keyboard should be flat or tilted away at a negative slope
• Keep your forearms approximately parallel to the floor with elbows at a 90 to -110° angle
• Your wrists should be straight with hands positioned level or below your elbow

3. The Active Home Office

Just as you incorporate movement into the corporate office, you need to stay active in your home office. Use a standing desk in your home office to keep you moving.

• Begin by standing for 15 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of sitting
• Gradually increase the time standing. Alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, but don’t sit or stand for more than 60 minutes at a time
• Add a short walk or stretching session and remember to take microbreaks

4. At Home Document Protection

If you laminate a lot for your business, don’t miss a beat in your laminating workload while working from home. Home laminating machines are compact and portable and provide high quality laminating results while saving space.

• Choose a laminator with fast warm up to get laminating done faster
• Make sure you select an entry width that works for the documents you laminate, usually between 9-1/2″ to 12 1/2″
• Don’t forget the laminating pouches. Choose the right pouch thickness for your projects. 5 mil offers a good mix of durability and flexibility. 3 mil is best for documents with minimal handling. For heavy handling use 7-10 mil.

5. Remote Work with Sensitive Documents

The risks of identity and requirements for data confidentiality theft remain even when you work remotely. If you’re managing confidential documents from your home office, be sure to follow your company’s document destruction policy using secure cross cut paper shredders.

• For higher security upgrade to microcut paper shredders
• With kids at home, choose a home paper shredder with safety features
• Choose a quiet paper shredder for working in your home office at night

6. More Organized, More Productive

A disorganized home office can impact your productivity. Take time to organize the documents you use every day. Bankers Box gives you the flexibility to stack your records in your home office while leaving you room to work.

• Choose from plastic or corrugated depending on your storage needs
• Know if you need letter-size or legal-size file storage
• Be sure to label file boxes so you can know what records you need at a glance


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